These are the best tables for kids parties! They're just the right height for little ones. Nice and sturdy and ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

We have 13 tables available for hire.

They comfortably sit up to 6 kids depending on your seating configuration. 

A single row of tables allows room for a plate and drink for each child. A double row of tables (side by side) creates a wider layout and more room for plates of food in the centre for the kids to help themselves to. Talk to me about how many children you have coming and I can suggest how many tables you might need.

Not only do these tables fold in half to fit into the boot or back seat of your car, they have a built in handle to make them easy to carry. They are height adjustable but will be set at the perfect height for the kids. The legs have 3 height settings though so can be extended up if you need an extra table for a drinks station, food or gift area. 

Small trestle-type tables made of heavy duty plastic with metal legs. They're easy to put up and down and only need a quick wipe down to keep clean.

Dimensions (open): 122cm long and 61cm wide

Height settings: 55.8cm low, 73.6cm medium, 91.4cm high 

Hire Period: Friday to Monday - 3 days max. Limited weekend hours on Sat morn & Sun evening available for pick ups and drop offs.