Balloon Balls - Set of 4


The PERFECT toy for anytime, anyplace, any-one. Young and old can have fun with this awesome fun toy both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s your baby crawling towards the ball, or your teenager kicking it around with some mates, we’re not exaggerating when we tell you that EVERYBODY loves these. 

Take a simple balloon and blow it up inside the cover and you have a balloon ball for endless FUN.
Great for kicking, batting, throwing, bouncing and no need for concerns over balloon fears.

There are 4 balloon ball covers in this set - x2 Red and x2 Blue.

Helium balloons (filled with regular air) work best, as they ensure the balloon ball stay inflated far longer than a regular balloon. However, regular balloons are usable.

NOTE: Ensure you blow the balloon up inside the cover until you think you can get no more air in - and then blow a bit more! The tighter the balloon is blown, the better it will bounce and the longer it will last.

Hire period: 3 days - Friday to Monday.